What a year it’s been! This year I have evolved and grown more than ever before.

When I turned 34 I was struggling. My anxiety was through the roof, holding down a full time salary job, working well over 40 hours per week – while trying to take care of myself, my home responsibilities & my family. I was drowning. I was miserable & no longer passionate about the work I was doing day to day. But I felt like that’s what I SHOULD be doing. Working the Monday through Friday job, providing the salary, and the benefits my family “needed”. But what my family really needed was a happy wife and mom.

Late November 2018 I started a fitness challenge. Something I thought may help me lose the extra 17+ pounds I was carrying around. I got so much more than that. We started working on mindset, nutrition and daily routines. This was the start to my self development journey. A few months in, my husband and I sat down and talked – we decided the best thing for me would be to leave my job and focus on myself and my family. I did just that.

I got focused – I was reading, working out, spending more time with my kids – my family. I truly am thankful for the struggles I went through that brought me to the life I am living today. I am continuing to work on self development, and I am on a mission to be my best self. I know not everyone has or wants the opportunity to leave a career and transition to being a stay at home parent, but as Maya Angelou said “if you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”.



One year!!!! I can’t believe it’s been a year without implants! 🙌🏽 I had a ROUGH few years prior to explant & I am so thankful to be here. I implanted at 19, and starting showing symptoms of Breast Implant Illness (BII) 2-3 years later. Skin rashes, heart palpitations, shoulder pain, brain fog, fatigue, inflammation. It wasn’t until June 2015 at 30 years old that my health took a dive. I went to urgent care for what I thought was a broken rib and found out I had a severe PE and spent 7 days in ICU. Shortly after I was suffering from the above plus anxiety, depression, insomnia, temperature intolerance, food intolerance, hair loss, dry skin, Candida, mood swings, weight gain & more. I was so mentally and physically sick I couldn’t work, care for myself or my family. I was put on antidepressants and anti anxiety medication and sent to a therapist with no relief.

The crazy thing is I was considering having my implants redone until speaking to a dear friend who I’ll forever cherish who introduced me to BII and the amazing support group of 30k+ woman. ❤️🙏🏽 A few short weeks later I found a doctor who fit me into a cancellation for a full capsulectomy. It’s been life changing to say the least. I was back to work 2 weeks later, off my prescriptions and relieved of 95% of my symptoms. The only symptom remaining is Candida which I am finally tackling. But life on the lighter side is oh, so good! ❤️